Music Production with Alex Ariete
Composing session at the studio, Miami, November 2014
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Alex Ariete Podcast: Curve the Cube
Curve the Cube #11 – DJ & Music Composer – Alex Ariete This is my first podcast interview I had with this amazing lady Jemmy from Flint Stone Media. Thank you for having me as a special guest!
23 Jan 2015 in MEDIA, by
Alex Ariete Super Car Week 2015
Performed  at a fun filled event of super cars, exotics, muscle cars, classics, race cars, car clubs, luxury brands, electric vehicles, motorcycles, specialty and significant vehicles.
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Alex Ariete at the 9th Annual “Vanilla Ice Holiday Block Party” 2014
9th Annual…Playing my own track “TREEDOM” was an amazing feeling!! Got great feedback from the crowd, they loved it!
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